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English speaking bank in Calvados

chris bond

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I am looking for a recommendation for an english speaking  bank (

or bank manager) in Calvados - St lo or Bayeux area as the property we

are buying is between the two towns. We will be using the account for

mortgage payments, currency transfers etc so would like somewhere we

can go in and talk face to face if required. If anyone else is in this

area ( Cartigny L'Epinay/ Le Molay Littry ) and would be willing for me

to contact please post here. Many Thanks.

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I have been speaking with Shahn at Britline Bank, in Caen. She was very helpful, and is arranging for their mortgage consultant to call me. The web site is www.britline.com

On here you can look at on-line banking demonstrations, and download application forms for both an account and mortgage. I'm certainly opening an account with them.
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