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Can someone change our address for us?


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Hello All,

After a near disaster last week with missed mail, and after repeated attempts to get our UK address changed for Taxe, water, electric, phone etc etc etc we have come to the conclusion we need help!

We dutifully had 'proper' letter written for us wich we sent to all our suppliers, who dutifully ignored them all!

We need someone (who we will gladly pay (am I allowed to say that here?)) to pursue the various agencies in our name to get our address changed to the correct UK address.

Any takers??

Just let us know how much ...............


Tony and Shaz

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Thank you so much for the link. [:)] When we moved to our present address 3 years ago, we had a hard time trying to get all the utilities etc. to take note of our new address and it took a number of letters and emails to get them all sorted.  We're moving again in May because I'm retiring and I wasn't looking forward to tackling the problem again so soon, but hopefully this will make it much easier.


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