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V.A.T. rate, and type of c.u. needed , for change of use of building


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We hope to complete soon on property in dept 35 (Ille et Vilaine).

There are currently an unused fournil (small detached dwelling formerly used for baking bread) and an atelier (large detached building,  shell only ) which we hope to turn into gites.

If we do not wish to change the number of windows and doors,  do we need to apply for a C. U. and, if so, which type?  In this case and , assuming we get go-ahead, am I right in assuming we  need only a Declaration de Travaux and not a Permis de Construire?

What V.A.T. rate should we be charged for any work carried out?

Are there any registered builders out there who want to give us advice/quotations?




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As you are changing the use of an existing property you will need a Permis de Construire.

As the building isn't a house you will be liable to VAT at 19.6%, you only qualify for the lower rate on a building that is already a habitable building completed for more than 2 years.


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