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French Frank

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I use an insurance broker, who is based in France but who is English, called Gaye Galliver from BIBA (Britsih Insurance Brokers of Aquitaine), even though she's miles from our house.  I started with house insurance and now she insures my French car and my children at school (they have to have compulsory liability insurance).  Her contact e-mail is [email protected] or [email protected]  Telephone 05 53 01 13 84

I haven't had a claim yet and so can't say how good she is on that score, and I suppose that is the real test of how good someone is?  But, so far, she has been every efficient and very patient with the 1001 questions that I ask her when taking out new cover.  She explains things really well.


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[quote user="Cathy"]

That's interesting, Barbel (although the school insurance wasn't expensive). Where do I get hold of Credit Ag insurance division (I do have an account with them)?  Do they have an English language service?



If you're in France, you can drop by your bank; there should be a conseillor there, although probably not any English speakers.  The CA website has links and info on it (at least for CA Haute-Loire).

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