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Yet more Tax questions - sorry


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Very sorry, but I'm a bit stuck    ... can anybody help please?  We had an insert fitted last year (by a registered artisan) and I understand that we can claim back 50% of the cost of the appliance, not the fitting ... is that correct?  If so, have I read the instructions on completing form 2042 correctly in that the amount claimed goes in box 7WF?  I will of course attach a copy of the facture to our return.

We also haven't received form 2047 yet, although 2042 arrived last week ... has anybody received theirs yet or are you downloading?

This forum is brilliant, so much information - many thanks everybody

Best regards

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Thanks very much indeed everybody ...

Phil & Pat - the form does look very similar to last year's ... box 7WF it is!

SD & Chas - we have always got our 2047 by post and pre-printed too ... but normally not this much after the 2042!  I'll wait a bit longer and if one doesn't arrive I'll download the form.

Dr O - it is!

Again, thank you for your help - very much appreciated.

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If it's any help, I went to the tax office in Mayenne last thursday hoping to pick up the forms (my first time also) and was told treize May was the earliest - a bit of a b****r that as we're on hols from next week till the 24th and I was hoping to get it sorted before I went !

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