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Local taxes France.


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Hi Folks just a general query re the above.We have just received our bill for dustbin emptying again.Our close friends live about 5 miles from us and come under a larger town for all taxes.They do not have any bills for this service, it is included in fonciere or habitation.As usual I dont understand why one commune in the same dept is different from another apart from being in France.Any ideas please Maude
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I live a flat in town, and have  a small place in the country, which is let.

My town flat has the 'ordures ménagères' included in the taxe fonciers, and there is a daily collection

The price is under 100 euros

The country place has a separate bill, a once weekly collection from the 'tri sélectif' large bins (which you have  quite a long way to get to) and the price is 182 euros!

This just shows how easy it would be to generalise from either one of these and start disagreeing  about how these things are done in France with someone else  who was also generalising, but from the other experience...

On the 'difference ' aspect remember that these are local  taxes and so the decision is made by each commune.

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