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Useful book to help you plan your next move

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I've just read "Who's Your City?" by Richard Florida and I'd recommend it if you are pondering where to live.

The book outlines how where we live affects many aspects of our life: the people we meet (and marry!), the networks we tap into, the work opportunities we have, the fun available to us.  So far so obvious I hear you say ... but Florida's approach makes our choices smarter.

The first half of the book explains why "where" is so important (how populations are clustering and becoming more defined) and the second half explores how you can best choose an area right for you: your personality, goals, stage of life etc

The latest edition is international so covers great swathes of the western world: USA, Canada, Europe and also some Asian countries in outline profile - so this book wont help you pick one farmhouse in the Dordogne from another 5 minutes up the road but it should help you pinpoint which region or sort of town/city/village would suit you best.

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