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Tax Habitation Exonoration


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Trying to help an older neighbour of mine, he has turned 60 this year and has just got his tax habitation which he thought due to his income RFR being below the threshold limit and being on his own would qualify him for an exonoration this year. My only thought was that maybe as the bills represent the year commencing 1 Jan 2009 then maybe that is the age they count you as for the whole year and next year in their eyes he will be 60 and possibly due an exonoration, any thoughts folks ?
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From the French Government website:


"Pour être exonéré de la taxe d'habitation relative à votre résidence

principale, vous devez, au 1er janvier de l'année, remplir les

conditions suivantes"

As he wasn't 60 on 1st January he won't be elligible until next year.

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[quote user="Bluebells"]Thanks very much for that, I will pop around with the comiseration pastis now , then next year he can provide the champagne!![/quote]

 hi OK

          I would not celebrate too much ,on low income and aged 60 to 69 you get a € 100 reduction only  after 70 you do not pay Tax Hab or TV licence


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