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a question for the mods


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Wools and DL, I have been wondering if the following could be easily done so bear with me while I explain.

I find that recently, more and more people seem to sign on and then immediately proceed to abuse the Forum welcome by putting up an inappropriate post.  They use the Forum as an advertising board to sell their questionable goods and services or push their agenda which none of us is interested in.

So, my question is this:  Is it possible when Joe Bloggs signs on with the specific purpose of using the Forum in this way to be banned as well as having their post cancelled?  I am talking about people signing on for the first time with the obvious intent of, say, selling something.

I know they can easily sign on again using another name but removing them AND their post might show them that their action is intolerable and that they will gain nothing by trying it on?

What do you two and others think, svp?

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Spam posters are banned at the same time as deleting the offending post. Of course, if they manage to post half a dozen times before we get to them it might seem as we are letting them have another go. We're not, it's just a case of who's fastest with the fingers.

FWIW there are a couple of tells I've discovered which I wouldn't want to mention on an open forum which means I'm able to ban 'new members' before they get a chance to post their spam.

10 so far today. 🙂

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