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Fibre Optic. Who pays for new installation from pole?

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Excitement in our hamlet is building as Fibre is being rolled out.
Unfortunately we don’t have a telephone line and are about 100m from closest pole. Will we have to pay for the new connection from the telegraph pole to our house?

Any ideas how much that might be? I know, so many variables but maybe someone might have experience of this.

Grateful for any answers.

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In my experience the installation is free. The line to the house is done by France Télécom (Orange).

Au niveau de la rue et de l’immuble, les frais de déploiement de la fibre optique sont totalement pris en charge par les opérateurs agréés (Orange, Free, SFR, Bouygues Télécom, Altitude, Covage, Axione et TDF).


Once at the house the rest depends on which operator you have chosen. The fee varies widely.

  • Orange offre un raccordement gratuit, mais propose une option d’Installation Experte à 89 euros (branchements, configuration, conseils, etc.) ;
  • Free propose un raccordement totalement gratuit ;
  • Bouygues raccorde le logement gratuitement si le câble fait moins de 10 mètres. L’intervention est facturée 25 euros, s’il mesure entre 10 et 50 mètres ou 50 euros s’il fait plus de 50 mètres ;
  • SFR facture l’installation de la fibre optique en maison individuelle à hauteur de 149 euros pour un câblage souterrain et 249 euros pour un câblage aérien.



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 It's not always that simple.

I signed  a contract with Orange for a fibre connection in February 2022 and the technicians arrived at our house shortly afterwards.

The manhole with the nearest terminal is in the road about 35 metres from our house, which fronts directly onto the road, as do the two neighbouring houses between us and the manhole.

I assumed the installers would dig a trench between our house and the manhole, as overhead connections are not allowed here, but as there was a conduit already in place under the pavement from the manhole to the furthest neighbours wall, they planned to run the cable along the front of the neighbouring houses and the wall between our house and the next.

The problem was that they wanted to see written permission from the two neighbours to fix the cable onto their facades.

One neighbour consented, the other flat refused, so the technicians left.

When I contacted Orange their only reply was that the connection was awaiting the consent of the neighbour.

Almost 2 years later we still have no fibre connection, and have to use the 4G mobile network for Internet access.

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The contract which I signed did not mention any charge for connection.

The Free Mobile connection via the 4G router is quite fast enough for me - it varies between 15 and 40 MB/sec - but the house telephones, which are connected to the router, only ring for about ten seconds before the call is switched to voicemail, and this is not adjustable.

This is no problem if callers leave a message, which our usual callers to do, but if they don't, we can't call them back as missed calls are not recorded.

This may not actually be a problem, as it filters out spam calls.

The advantage is that the monthly charge is €19.99 (€9.99 for the first year) compared with at least €39.99 with Orange, and there is no monthly charge for the router, which I bought for €100 from Amazon France.

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We have a WiMAX service through LGTel which is pretty good. About 30/40 Mbps although the latency is slow at around 85 ms which makes watching video services slightly unreliable. Hopefully we can sort out fibre, be a shame to miss out on the speed and consistency when it’s so close.

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