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Benefits of Offshore Investment


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Offshore investments have become a popular way of investing in recent times. With the looming recession and glut happening in the world economy, offshore investment offers a great deal of [url=http://www.worldenergycapital.com]investment security[/url] . Opening an offshore account has become incredibly easy. As opposed to the popular belief, offshore banking is not restricted to high profile and wealthy individuals. It can be easily accessed by normal individuals as well. This is considering the whole league of advantages that follow such investments. Some of the advantages of offshore investment include:

•    Reduction in Taxes: The countries providing offshore investment favor foreign funds. As such they give away tax incentive to the investors.

•    The offshore locations favor such foreign investment. They do this by giving tax incentives to the investors. The taxes applicable in these locations are much less and therefore, favorable to the investors. The taxes applicable are generally lesser than that applicable in the investor’s home country.

•    There is a great deal of asset protection involved in these offshore investments.  By transferring some of the assets to an offshore location, one can escape foreclosing outstanding debts or lawsuits.

•    Secrecy: The offshore investment buys a great amount of confidentiality. However the offshore investment does not encourage any illegal activities.

•    Another important advantage of an offshore investment is the diversification of investments.  The offshore investment offers more diverse investment opportunities than the local market. This is especially true in case of developing economies and for those countries that are beginning to privatize the sectors which were earlier under government control.

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Hourly intervention rates appear to be higher than my local branch of Credit Agricole.


Fee Structure:

Account Opening Fee 650 USD
Monthly Maintenance 30 USD
External Transfer 60 USD
Internal Transfer 30 USD
Incoming Funds 20 USD
Debit Card 250 USD
Loading Fee 3% with a minimum of 7USD (maximum load USD100k or equivalent per quarter)
Hourly Intervention Rate USD140 – USD280 for non-standard consultancy depending on complexity.

Oh! And they spell management ....managment.[Www] 

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