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Titres de séjour à renouvele (new prices) .... compulsory?

milkeybar kid

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Compulsory ?, see the €140 for retired ..... any idea please. this is from the Gov website


To renew residence permits: the new fee rates

Posted on 02/16/2011

A decree published in the Official Gazette Friday, February 11, 2011 sets the new amounts owed by foreigners in France to renew their permits.

For issuing a residence permit for renewal of a previous residence, the fee shall be:

30 euros for the temporary residence permit " student "valid for 1 year

55 euros for temporary residence cards " student "applies more than 1 year" probationary "and" private and family life "issued to holders of annuities work injury or occupational disease,

85 euros with other temporary residence permits valid for 1 year

110 euros for temporary residence permits valid for more than 1 year (not concerning students) and with a residence permit " skills and talents "

140 euros for the resident card, permanent resident card and residence card " retired ".

The decree also specifies the rate of taxes in case of a duplicate is delivered to a residence, or in case of failure to submit such a title for its renewal, or in case of renewal of such title while the application was made after the expiry of its validity.

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Citoyens européens hors travailleurs bulgares et roumains

Le citoyen de l'Espace économique européen ou suisse,

hors travailleur bulgare ou roumain, n'est pas obligé de posséder un

titre de séjour en France. Il peut toutefois en faire la demande.

S'il le perd, il peut, s'il le souhaite, demander un

duplicata, après avoir rempli le formulaire de déclaration de perte à la

préfecture ou à la sous préfecture de son domicile.   

Le duplicata est délivré gratuitemen

Link........ HERE

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