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what is the best way to sell/market my property.

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Hi there,

We are selling our gite/chambre d'hotes business in the Rhone wine country.  I want to sell to the international market, and I want to know with whom I could sell with to maximise my chances of getting a potential buyer. 

People have told me about selling to the Dutch, but I don't know how to advertise to begin with. 

My aim is to

1).  Sell my property to the international community at large, which means England, Netherlands, etc, and also maybe the USA/Canada? 

2).  I want to be able to sell in publications (like Living France) in various countries

3).  I want to do 100% to sell my property, I want to push for it, so please, any adivse would be welcome.

Thanks guys

David Thomas

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My answer would be to look at agents' adverts in publications like French Property News or Living France and pick one that seems to be doing a good job with places like the one you want to sell. Let the agent do the marketing, both in print and online. International buyers will probably look on the Internet first of all. (Beware - if the advertiser you find is a 'referral' agency, only sign up with a bona-fide agence immobilier in France that deals through that agency and part with no money in advance; certain such referral agencies with big glossy ads in the magazines try to get you to sign up direct with them and pay them commission, which is against French law).

Also do a Google search for a few key words that describe your property and find a website or an agent that comes at or near the top of the list.

Maximise your chances by going with two or three different agents and take out a private sale ad, on the best-rated web site you find, as well.

But knowing how agents are hated on this forum, and how the moderators are likely to assume that I am plugging a particular agency [;-)] I kept quiet at the time.

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You could try Ebay. I was looking for something (nothing to do with houses) then just out of curiosity decided to look and see whats for sale here in France. Theres over 13,000 French properties for sale on ebay.co.uk at the moment. Theres a couple of hundred more for sale in Spain. Might be worth a try, nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.
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