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Is the party over?

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I've been a member of this forum since it was called La Mairie and have seen some wonderful people come and go but have we come to the end of the line I wonder?

This year will be my 20th year as a resident and I now come here, not only to learn, but to converse with people whose life experiences are similar to my own ie a foreigner living in France . However I feel that we are no longer the community we once were. Perhaps the time for internet forums such as this is over.

Anotherbanana now has the solo responsibility for moderation along with the ever increasing need to remove all the spam. Is this fair when I think most people, like me, glance at the active topics once or twice a day then move on?

All things change and everything has it's time.

Should we thank AB for his service and allow the forum to die?

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Thank you Dave, we do seem to be picking up a bit and members always seem to turn up at appropriate moments. But I would like to see more chat about France and French issues if possible.

Moderating is hardly onerous!

I shall be looking for a new moderator after I have had a chat with the Gods.

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