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So, how many of you are going to be asking for till receipts next year.


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11 hours ago, betise said:

I think it should be sorry for being a pedant, sorry for being a pedant 🤓

Oh!  the embarrassment!! I shall hang my head in shame, just as in hanging it pendant style!

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14 hours ago, DraytonBoy said:

Should I be flattered or concerned that you track what I post on another forum?


I’m not stalking you ….but your name was a give away 😂

I read ‘that place’ now and again to remind myself I am normal.


Can I say ‘that place’ ?

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14 hours ago, Riggers said:

The moderation on SF is certainly not even handed,but I always thought it was a breech of netiquette to discuss issues from other forums?

This isn’t aimed at you DB I know you didn’t introduce the subject 

I was just saying those in glass houses…..

Riggers, you remind me of someone.





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