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You have been warned (And early)


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Well here we are almost the end of December and the garden is sleeping,  The slightest sign of using any wheeled garden machine will leave tracks and if wet Mud tracks, But it is a very good time for looking at the tree's and some shrubs that should be near Nude . (The sap is down rather than up the tree)

I had a really good walk around our lawn and orchard to day and started to think about getting well "Ready" for the Pruning  to start,

I had my trusty note book and also spray marked the the tree's and branches that need to be Pruned,

Pruned for all sorts of reason,

such as low branches that  nearly decapitate you as your cutting the grass on the Ride -on or those Branches that are damaged or are crossing each other and we do need the center of the tree to have plenty of room for light to get in,

Another good reason for Pruning very soon is to stop wasting the bug spray Liquid, If you spray first and then Prune you will be throwing away sprayed wood, You can also re-shape the tree so it looks good and stops the tree leaning over the more growing side,

Think about "STAKING" young trees so they grow in a good shape and not leaning to one side, The stake can be metal or wood post,

Try to put the secure stake away from the wind direction (at the back of the tree) so when strong wind arrives it will be pushing the tree against your support, Check the secure straps throughout the windy weather, (A rocking newly planted tree is pulling the roots away from the ground)

I like to keep a good mix of manure and soil at the base of the trees, it not only feeds the roots but also acts as an anchor and this help's the roots become strong and spread to also hold the tree firm.

As Pruning is a subject that has lots of points such as the  Tools to use, and the sharpening of chain saw cutting chain, and a few other good tool items to make the job more worth while, I think a topic just on this subject will give more advantage to those who are just starting out on the gardening ways,

So Tomorrow  A new Topic on Pruning tools & Tips.

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