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3 hours just wasted


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Well folks i have just spent 3 hours putting together the Lawn mower service of the Ride-on

and the lot has been wiped off the screen

I am annoyed But i will redo the lot tomorrow,

Sorry if anyone was waiting for to nights chat but this is whats come to be.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Good night All

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Write your post in a Word, Notepad, or other document, saving it frequently - whenever you think of it.

When you have finished it, read it through and correct any mistakes - not suggesting you ever make any.

Copy and paste it into your post.



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Many thanks for that tip, I'll do my best to try it,

Ref making mistakes (I have some thought blocks and out comes the dictionary, The problem here is some forums are American and so some of the English spellings are not the same "hence' you get the red wriggly lines under telling you that spelling is wrong, But thanks to folk like you and one or two other's we're all learning,

I remember talking my Father in Law to getting a PC,  He'd just lost our mum (his wife) Anyway i phoned him up in IRELAND to see how he was getting on with his PC And the home training via PC WORLD,

Well he said "I have never heard such a load of rubbish, This young lad tried to tell me what a mouse was !!!!!!!!!!!!

I told him as an ex farmer's son I know what a mouse looks like and it's not that thing your showing me😀 "He was in his 90's then and died aged 94yrs .

PS he would not talk to the Answer phone (He'd say   "I am not talking to this stupid machine  "you ring me back my number is ---------------" It was the same number he had for years,

Happy thoughts of the best Dad ever,

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