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Here's a little quiz.
Do you know where these alarming statements come from?

"All coal, gas, and oil-fuel supply from extraction through the supply chain to retail must close within  30  years"

 "We already have targets for phasing out non  electric  vehicles,  but  by  2050  will  have  only  60%  of  the  electricity  required  to  power  a  fleet  equivalent  to  that  in  use  today.  Therefore  we  will  either  use  60%  fewer  cars  or  they  will  be  60%  the  size"

 "There  are  no  options  for  zero-emissions  flight  in  the  time  available  for  action,  so  the  industry  faces  a  rapid  contraction.    Developments  in  electric  flight  may  be relevant beyond 2050"

  "All  existing  forms  of  cement  production  are  incompatible  with  zero  emissions.  However,  there  are  some  opportunities  for  expanded  use  of  clay  an  urgent   need   to   develop   alternative   processes   and   materials.  Using  microwaves  processes  to    recycle  used  cement appears promising"

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