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What may lie ahead this winter


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Yes, I find your video very interesting and the explanations very well put and illustrated.

I think we can forget all the Christmas lights and eat a cold smorgasbord type lunch for the "holidays"?  Sorry, maybe that's not the best tip you have had all year?🤐

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It's a very good explanation of the difference between demand and consumption, and an illustration of the limitations of the renewables which should really be called the unreliables.

We can register for a text alert of an impending power cut here -https://www.monecowatt.fr/inscription-alerte-vigilance-coupure/

Our self-reliance for this winter.

Torches and headtorches  -                       ✓   
Spare batteries for above                           ✓ 
Woodstove serviced                                    ✓ 
Wood cooking stove serviced                    ✓ 
3x cords kiln dried oak firewood                ✓
One cubic metre kindling                            ✓ 
Spare propane cylinder for gas cooker      ✓
Generator serviced                                       ✓ 
Generator fuel 50 litres                                ✓
Toilet rolls maxi pack                                    ✓

We're ready !!



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