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Laguiole, what is an original blade?

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Very difficult to decide if a blade produced with a semi worked product is authentic, and which communes should be given authentic status. Predictable with so much money at stake there is a scrap as to which communes should be included.


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This is nothing new.  For years, there have been manufacturers claiming the Laguiole mark and even put a bee on the blade.  The name Laguiole has become used as a generic name for this type of knife with the special slip lock and does not necessarily refer to its origin.

Even a Nontron knife (also with it's distinctive mark on the handle) is now very expensive to buy.  Last time I looked, a bog standard pocket knife with a 6 cm blade was over 60 euros.

I'd love a Laguiole so, if you do buy one, would you leave it to me in your will?

Failing the knife, the cheese is also wonderful though I have been unable to find any for years now.  It's all getting too popular and aimed at the tourist market.

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