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CAmden Lock was OK if you were on the canal .. cruising past. .. as I did once.  Always avoided it otherwise, far to many people, besides which, for me, it was going out of town, but not far enough to be realy country.

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We used to go to Camden Lock when we lived on our narrow boat up at Rickmansworth.  Nasty overflow from the first lock which could throw you off and smack you into the lock walls, most embarrassing with all the crowds.

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Just as I feared! It is ALBF, Riggers (or their!) and DaveLister's fault that the thread is now completely committed to the banal or even worse, dead!  'I've been to London, did you go to the Carnival? I went to Camden Lock!' I'm thinking of continuing with the  mind blowing time time I walked up Camden High St. looking in the shop windows or even for something really gripping like the the time I rode my motor bike through there!! Oh well, all things end I suppose!

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10 minutes ago, Ken said:

Just as I feared! 

Did you fear that Grumpy Ken ?

Have you been laying awake in bed all night worrying that this might happen ?

Jessus Ken.

Inflation is going through the roof, there is an energy crisis and the Russians are trying their best to create a nuclear catatrophe in Europe. And you are fearing drift thread on a thread that had no real point in the first place. 



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