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Just as I feared! It is ALBF, Riggers (or their!) and DaveLister's fault that the thread is now completely committed to the banal or even worse, dead!  'I've been to London, did you go to the Carnival? I went to Camden Lock!' I'm thinking of continuing with the  mind blowing time time I walked up Camden High St. looking in the shop windows or even for something really gripping like the the time I rode my motor bike through there!! Oh well, all things end I suppose!

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10 minutes ago, Ken said:

Just as I feared! 

Did you fear that Grumpy Ken ?

Have you been laying awake in bed all night worrying that this might happen ?

Jessus Ken.

Inflation is going through the roof, there is an energy crisis and the Russians are trying their best to create a nuclear catatrophe in Europe. And you are fearing drift thread on a thread that had no real point in the first place. 



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