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Table top barbecue or plancha

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I am looking to get a table top bbq or plancha and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

Not being very bbq mad I thought something portable, gas driven and easy to use and clean might be good. 

So, if you are not already cooked by the cacanule, any ideas welcome.

Thanks in adv.

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Well, if you are determined.....but be careful with marinating meats or anything else.  Keep everything in the frigo with the fast chill setting on and only bring out at the last minute when you are ready to cook.  Admittedly, I am biased against bbq's and, whenever I see people in their kitchens marinating raw foodstuffs and then taking them out to bbq after varying intervals of time, I think food-poisoning!!

Sorry to be such a killjoy.  Raw food standing around in this heat is potentially a disaster area?  And that's before I mention flies🤐

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We have had several gas BBQs.  I even put a connection to the car circuit in a camping car to use a gas BBQ outside of it.  Much more controllable than classic coals (imo).  And, given the current flammable situation, once you turn it off, its off.  Usual fault is to think that as your chicken leg is black on the outside, its cooked on the inside! I used to do peas on the BBQ as well as puddings, so you can be quite flexible.

We hired a flat in Corsica and they had an electric BBQ, usual dome shape.  You put water under the element to catch the grease.  It worked very well for fish, veg etc, not as hot as a gas one though but worth considering.  Much cleaner than other types.

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