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Which French sim for 4g router

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Hi, looking for advice about using a French sim in my 4g router. Last visit we used a Tesco sim and tried a Reglo sim it didn’t work and  found out they only work in phones and not routers

Have been looking at SOSH and FREE but I am unsure if these will work in my router

I want to use a French sim as U.K. sims start to check usage on data after prolonged use

The router is unlocked to any network.


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SOSH and Red by SFR both worked for me.    Having sold up a few years ago I've hung on to the contracts,  as getting new cards without a French address might be difficult.   Friends took the Red/SFR card over to their place a week ago and it worked perfectly in their house router.

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Apologies for hijacking this thread, but I have to mention a problem I recently found with my Huawei router, and cannot post a new subject.

If I use the house phone connected to the router to enter a numerical code for my bank's 2SV (two step verification), either by voice recognition or via the phone keypad, the bank's system can not understand what I put in.

However, it works perfectly well if I use my mobile phone.

The bank's helpline tells me their system shows an incorrect code, and their technical people say all I can do is use a mobile phone for this procedure. The router seems to be distorting the signal.

In order to have two possibilities for 2SV I have registered  my wife's mobile number with the bank in place of the house number.

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An update on my bank's system's being unable to understand 2SV codes input either by voice and keyboard:

I called the Orange helpline a couple of days ago, and had a similar problem when their system asked me to key in my telephone number.

I was told the number does not exist, but there was a clue when it was repeated back to me: 00 44 66 88 77 88 ... etc.

It seems that an echo generated by the router is causing the problem, but it is not noticed by people I talk to, although they say my voice sounds slightly distorted.

I can put up with this for a while, as I'm saving €40/month over the fibre contract offered by Orange, but when I have time I'll ask Huawei's service about it.

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