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Off grid above ground pool system help

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Hello, new member here just getting my toes wet with solar. We just had a 24' above ground pool installed and with no power on that side of our property, I set it up with a DC pool pump connected to (2) Jinko JKM270PP-60 270w panels, wired series & ground mounted near the pool. Setup works great, kicks on at sunrise and off at sunset with no timer needed.

Where I need some insight is the 40w/120v Salt Water Generator for the pool. I currently have a 200ft extension cord running out to the pool area for the SWG, which runs 18hrs per day but needs power 24/7.

I have a 3rd matching 270w panel (pump ran too fast for my sand filter on 3 panels) that I'd like to hookup to my EPEVER Tracer 3210AN charger controller and battery bank to get the SWG off grid as well.

I'm stumped on trying to determine A) 12v or 24v battery bank? And B) I assuming I need to account for how much power the inverter itself draws as well?

Thanks in advance for any/all insight!

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