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Only in France......?

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Roalnd Garros season is here!  All excitement chez moi...

First Sunday yesterday so settled down at 11.00 to watch the first televised game.  All was great, Ons Jabeur the women's number 6 playing the Polish quqlifier Magda Linette.  Half way through the first game, the clock approached 12 midday.

Magic Hour in France?  Mai bien sùr, time for, what else, le déjeuner??  Would you believe it, the transmission en direct stopped, the TV went on to something else (don't know what) and resumed about 2 ish when, presumably all the French were replete with Sunday Lunch and ready to watch tennis again.

Can you imagine the BBC doing that in the middle of a match in Wimbledon?  Well, do you have experience of anywhere else in the world where this is a likely occurence?

I was more amused than annoyed because after all I have lived here for several years now and have become used to many quirky little French customs ....and yet, and yet, WHY??? 

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Thanks for that little gem.  It tickles me that people really did used to speak like that!

Not so funny these days as, instead of tea at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, it's apparently "wine o'clock" at any time after 10 o'clock in the morning?

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