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Orange internet TV

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Having fibre installed at our new place, we thought we would add the Orange TV box to give us French channels.  What an absolute nightmare! 

We are getting daily emails claiming that we have added subscription channels that we clearly have not.  I have complained three times now, as the box has not been in use at the times the ghost subscriptions were made.  I can envisage the gallic shrug at the other end of the telephone, have received the dismissive "well someone must be using your box" and the worst of all "I will reverse it, but you will be charged to the end of the month!"

Anybody else run across this?

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Sounds par for the course with Orange.

No-one seems to have control of the automated emails sent out by their system.

It's impossible to stop them, and replying to them just creates more confusion.

I will be cancelling my Orange contract later this month. It just can't be too soon.

See my contributions in the "Fibre Optic connection to house" thread.

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Unless you are a great fan of specific real French programmes, rather than badly dubbed US stuff, just watch them on line like UK iPlayer etc.  I can sit in my car and watch live French TV without a decoder or the horrors of Orange. The old fashioned terrestrial aerials still work too.

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