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business douaine taxes

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I am currently setting up a small business (auto entrepreneur)it involves importing beach towels from China.I am finding it hard get a straight answer on taxes i will have to pay. From what i understand i pay a 12% import duty and 19.6TVA charge on the cost i have paid for them.

Then when i sell them i pay my a 12% auto entrepreneur tax, is this right it seems alot of taxes to me.

(i know this is France)
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Yep that's almost correct except the 12% duty is paid on the cost plus any fright/insurance to EU border then the TVA is paid on the cost plus 12% import duty (can we say "no double taxation"? apparently not)

This is probably not what you wanted to hear but...........

Would you not pay the 12% Auto Ent tax on any profit realised and not the whole cost?

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Autoentrepreneur, like all the micro regimes, is assessed for cotisations and tax on turnover, not profit. If you want to be assessed on profit, you should use a réel regime, which will also allow you to recover TVA. You can additionally claim for all your legitimate costs and expenses, rather than the standard percentage allowed under micro. So for many types of business, particularly those which involve buying and selling stock, autoentrepreneur or micro-entreprise are often far from the most cost-effective options. You do need to keep full accounts however.

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