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Chessie - Was your husband released today?

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This site has been horrible lately (can't sign on, can't navigate).

Was your husband released from the hospital today?  Did they let him go home or did they insist on sending him to the Nursing Facility?

How are things proceeding?  How are you both doing?

Thinking of you both.


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Hi Lori - and others.

Despite my battles, and questions, he was discharged to 'nursing home' for 6 weeks - to lie in bed or in a wheelchair - WITHOUT any physio - without any exercise allowed.  I tackled the surgeon, got the usual 'this is what we do in such cases, he can't put any weight on that leg' - and told I could not take him home, despite promising to sign a legal paper releasing the hospital from any responsibility, and with my suggestion of doing so and paying for all private physio and home help sneered at.   The b---y system stinks.   It is their fault he fell out of the bed, their fault they gave him wrong medicine - their fault he's smashed two of his front teeth - sorry but I am so devastated by what's happened.

I was advised by social worker not to visit the hospital on the day he was removed into nursing care. I was promised that all his clothes and possessions would accompany him.   They did NOT.  He turned up at the nursing with nothing - nothing at all - except the hospital gown he was wearing.   When I visited the NH on Friday and was told this - I protested very strongly, said I'd been promised all he had in his hospital room would accompany him - and the NH staff were surprised when I gave them a full list of the clothes, towel, razor, dental and other stuff - none of which had arrived.  He is sitting in the courtyard, happily yakking away to the staff, talking, but not really making sense - but looking brighter.

I visited him today;  brought in a lot of t-shirts and trackie trousers for him (spending spree in Auchen !) - to see him, again sitting in his wheelchair - but surrounded with 'some' - only some - of the smaller items, toothpaste, brush etc had arrived - but not the items of clothing - or his razor.

I had compiled a list of everything that was in his room on the hospital ward, ticked off the few items that had turned up, and have insisted - again - that the hospital is told to find them.   Have also contacted 'social worker' at hosp who had assured me that his possessions would travel with him.

Anyway OH did recognise me when I turned up yesterday (as he has on previous visits to hospital); did seem more involved with what was going on around him - but still tries to get up from wheelchair because 'he wants to have a pee' - but he's restrained - and he hates it.

Next battle; find his clothes and razor; try to arrange dental treatment for his smashed teeth; try and watch any physio or gentle exercises that might be laid on by the NH; couldn't be done today - Saturday & Sunday skeleton staff - but should be more staff around next week.

I have come home from these visits to the hospital and NH absolutely exhausted - just crash on to the sofa and fall asleep for a few hours - late afternoon/early evening sleeping for a couple of hours - unheard of - something I've never done before now !!! 

I'm getting old... can't cope with all this stress !!!

Thank you for thinking of us -




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Thanks for the update.  I'm sorry he was not able to go home.  I'm a little surprised a patient has no say in the care they are given.  Six weeks seems like a very long time.

I'm glad he is appearing a touch better at least in his spirits.  Hopefully his personal belongings will reach him.  I don't quite understand a social worker advising you not to visit him on the day he moved to the Nuring Facility.  Based on the dreadful experience with the hospital up to this point, there is no way in He** I would not have been there for every step of the move.  Likely would have insisted on staying with him all the time, to avoid another 'mishap.' 

I hope they take good care of him and he is able to return home soon.  Maybe sooner than the six weeks mentioned.

I hope he will get a visit from the Dentist soon too.  Can't believe that hasn't happened yet..  At least for a consult.

Try to get some rest.  You'll need it.


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Chessie, I's sorry you've had all this - complete shambles .. and not normal.

Being unable to put wight on his leg is usual, we have a friend who fell and was 3 months unable to get ouf of bed, fortunately he didn;t have some of the other probems your OK has.

However there should be some gentle exercises he can do to keep his muscle strength up - even in  a wheelchair.  Stretching his legs out - just low - bringing toes up, moving ankles around, that sort of thing.  I do a class where the tutor give different exercises, same muscles worked, for chair bound, (we have one) those who can't get onto the floor(me) and those who can, so it can be done.  Look for exercises to strengthen legs before and after hip replacement exercises .. online .. that's what I did.  And no reason why he can't exercise his upper body in the chair as well, strengthening his arm muscles etc, which will help when they finally let him use crutches.


I'll see if I can find anything online if I get a chance but busy few days here ..



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