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A second electric bus catches fire in Paris - the fleet temporarily withdrawn from service.


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Think twice before boarding a bus in Paris


It's the second one to catch fire in about a month..

The images are intense and the cloud of black smoke that emerges impressive. A line 71 bus caught fire in the 13th arrondissement of Paris this Friday morning, mobilizing around thirty workers, according to the firefighters contacted by Le Parisien. It is a 100% electric bus, from the Bolloré brand Bluebus 5SE series, like the bus that burned down at the beginning of April . This afternoon, the RATP decided to temporarily withdraw from circulation the 149 Bolloré electric bluebuses that circulate on its network.


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I tried to edit my post but the electronic forum nanny wouldn't let me.

Edit ( addition) 

.However, according to our information, another Bluebus had also been the cause of a fire in Germany on September 30, 2021, causing the destruction of 25 vehicles in Stuttgart. The police had estimated with "a high probability" that this was due to a " technical defect" , reported our colleagues from 20 Minutes .

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