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Need a shoulder - support - and help please

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Life kicks you at times - and then kicks you again.  I'm feeling so upset - just need to chat to anyone and a bit of support please.

My husbande (yup, the dozy one) - fell in the bathroom Tuesday afternoon. I found him lying on the floor, totally dazed and out of it - very confused.   He'd had an afternoon nap, got up, went into the bathroom - and must have slipped and hit heas head.  He couldn't get up, and I couldn't lift him.  He shuffled on his bum back towards the bed but couldn't stand up.   I called the emergency services.   They turn up, examine him, try to talk to him - he's not making any sense and became rather aggressive.   They took him in the ambulance to the hospital at Villeneuve.

I saw him on Thursday afternoon;  he's still confused; the hospital have run some tests, and on Friday (today) said they were going to run an EEG (brain scan) and an ERM (?).   I had phone call this afternoon to say that all the scans and tests have come back negative - can't find reason for his dizzy spell or confusion. 

But then the doctor dropped the bombshell;  my husband had FALLEN OUT OF BED on Thursday night.   None of the medical staff noticed anything wrong;  the doctor said they only became aware -


AFTER they had looked at the scan images..................

The doctor has said that they will operate on Monday (Monday !!) to repair his hip bone.

I am devastated;  he went into hospital - physically - in good shape; strong, fit, healthy - and now he's broken his hip bone....................

And I'm terrified for the long-term physical effects;  I am also terrified of what a general anaesthetic can do (last time he had op for prlostate (benign) - I was able to insist that the op was done under Sedation, not a GenA - because I'm aware of the bad effects of a GenA on the brain, and that patients recover much quicker after an op performed under sedation.

I don't know if I will have the right to insist that the op is done under Sedation; and I don't know whether to pursue any legal action of 'lack of care' - I'm so, so upset over what the hospital has done to him.

And if I say I'm in tears of despair - really I am, and I have no-one I can talk to..........

I'm so worried.....any one got broad shoulders !!!!


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