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Attitude Problems?

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50 minutes ago, menthe said:

Riggers, I'm glad you liked that.

OTOH, perhaps we shouldn't be laughing too much because clearly, by moving, he does have a lot at STEAK?

Menthe, doesn't sound like the heat is getting to you .. I'd have never thought that one  up .... mind you it is hot here and the heat is def getting to me now .. we could do with a groan icon!!!!

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My poor Judith....yes, not only a groan icon maybe an icon showing imminent collapse.  I think I'd have curled up and died about 3 weeks ago if we didn't have the bedroom in the sous-sol where sleeping is possible.

I do lie on the tiled floor for several minutes before getting into bed.

As for that joke, it was irresistible, once ALBF mentioned "Charolais"!

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