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Death of Jacques Perrin

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Must confess I thought he had gone many years ago. A great old actor.

French TV5(?) is showing one of his films tonight, Le Crabe Tambour. I first saw it in the French Cultural Centre (Alliance Française) many years ago in Kuwait when I was still young and beautiful.

Here is a link


Worth a watch.


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One of my all-time favourite movies is 'Z'. My wife (then girlfriend) and I saw it in Paris not long after its release. Much more recently, my younger son and I had the chance to watch it, in the presence of Costa-Gavras in Goutrens (of Georges Rouquier fame - Farrebique & Biquefarre; Rouquier played the role of 'procureur général in Z). I had forgotten that Perrin played the extremely important role of the journalist/photographer and, perhaps even more importantly, helped to ensure its production. 

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