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Question on Share Dividends.  Can someone please tell me which boxes these need to go in on 2047 and 2042C.  Thought I had got my head around this but after reading conflicting views am really confused, especially regarding the 17.7% dividend tax credit. Many thanks.

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Looks as though your question has stumped the experts - well done you.   What box did you tick in the end ?   I just ticked the box I used last year - and put a typed note explaining that 'I hadn't got a clue which box should be ticked as UK dividends were no longer taxed in UK and that I was trusting them to correct this if necessary'.

Not sure what the tax bods will do with this - but I just despair of french tax returns.  Cannot, just cannot, cope with doing on-line;  and I'm finding it becoming harder each year to read the small print, and the silly little numbers for each box.   Hate it all ..............

Will be interesting to have an up-date on this at some point before next year's tax return.

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