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A fun festival


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If you are interested in Nepalese culture and festivals, I would like to introduce you to a Nepalese traditional festival (Teej).

What is Teej?

Teej is an abbreviation of Hartalika Teej, which is the most important women's festival in Nepal. This is not only a festival for Hindu women in Nepal, but also is celebrated by women from all Hindu communities in South Asia.

When is Teej?

Teej will come at the end of the rainy season. Specifically, the time of the teej festival is from the second day to the fifth day after  the new moon of the Bhadrapad, a month of the Hindu calendar.  Dates vary by the Gregorian calendar, usually in late August or early September. In 2022, Hartalika Teej falls on August 30. In 2021, this festival falls on Sep 9.

Origin of Teej.

Teej is dedicated to Parvati, the great Hindu goddess Parvati (Goddess of Snow Mountains), commemorating her union with Lord Shiva. 

In the age of mythology, the Himalayan Mountain King had a beautiful daughter named Parvati. She was the reincarnation of Sati, the wife of Shiva's previous life. She had been very intelligent since she was a child. She worshipped Shiva, the god of destruction and reproduction in Hinduism, and was born to love him. But Shiva was immersed in the pain of losing his beloved wife 10,000 years ago and turned a blind eye to her. Then the king of the Himalayas wanted to marry his daughter to a rich God. The depressed Parvati fled at night with the help of her girlfriends. She hid in a forest and began an ascetic life greater than Shiva, which lasted for 10,000 years.

When Lord Shiva, who lives on Mount Kailash, heard that a young and beautiful girl was practicing hard to become his wife, he was shocked. He decided to test her sincerity himself. Shiva disguised as a wealthy Vishnu coming to Parvati in an ornate carriage and trying to lure her to marry him, but Parvati was unmoved. Then he said a lot of bad things about himself again. The girl blushed and covered her ears. Finally, touched by her sincerity and determination, Shiva revealed his true self and told Parvati: "From today onwards, I am the slave you bought through asceticism."

In the end, the two lived happily together and became the main deity worshipped by Hinduism. To thank the help of her girlfriends, Parvati invited them to have a party and have some fun. This is the origin of Hartalika Teej.

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