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UK state annuity: what number of installments a year?


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Indeed, you get it, I'm in a beautiful radiant evening and in my most loathed task called working out the impots affirmation.

Taking a gander at all the bank explanations for 2019, I find 13 installments for myself and just 12 for OH. Thinking it improbable that they have incorrectly overpaid me (chance could be something fine), could they maybe have accidentally (see, I'm assuming the best about them) came up short on OH?

Or then again, does it simply work out like that, 13 installments for some and 12 for other people? Perhaps 13 for women and the men must be happy with 12?

In any case, assuming you totally need to let me know that I have made a mistake some place, kindly do it gently[:)]

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Paid 4 weely, so usually 13 a year.  It might depend, if this is new for you, that your OH's payment started at a different time and missed one 4 wk period, but 13 is the correct number for a full year.  No difference in gender allocations.  To the best of my knowledge. It's what we have at any rate.

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