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Agri-terrorists stop train carrying thousands of tonnes of grain.

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Briefly, activists (agri-terrorists) build a barrier out of breeze blocks to stop a train carrying grain (wheat?) to an animal food factory near us and having stopped it, proceed to open the valves/doors at the bottom of the tanks carrying the grain and let it spill onto the tracks. And then ran away. Another news site said that they thought the grain was soya ( So what?)

As the valves or doors cannot be closed because of the weight of the grain above them, there is a risk that all of the grain could be wasted as it's contaminated if it has to drain out onto the ground if the train is moved.


These activists when they are not dressed in white suits and masks look just like you and me don't they?


Nice normal sober serious people, conspiring to waste grain which could be in short supply globally because of the Ukraine war.

Think before you protest!

They want to stop agri business and revert to how food production was 50 years ago.



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