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International Womens’(sic) Day

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Well, today is International Women’s Day but what does that mean these days? There are women defined by sex, apparently some by gender, others by the day of the week. And yet again that awful word ‘women’, where females et al. are labelled by a prefix to ‘men’. Surely time for a change. May I suggest that the word ‘wimmin’ might be appropriate as it avoids arguments about association with men, is all inclusive, particularly of those who are female by gender or flight of fancy or because it is Tuesday.

Suggestions for an alternative word welcome; the word ‘notmen’ shortened to ‘nomen’ has been suggested but this lacks gender fluidity. Alternatively ‘person’ has been suggested but this would not work at the airport when they decide to search you - who does the searching, on what day of the week.

Isn’t Scotland suggesting a pick n mix solution?

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