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Boar damage


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For the first time boars have been digging up the grass close to my house.  I noticed last spring something had dug all round an apricot tree. It didn't bother me as I haven't continued the potager since my husband died, but I cut the grass near the house to make it presentable. They've made a terrible mess so I asked someone with donkeys if he thought electric fencing would deter them. I can't fence it all as a farmer cuts the hay but I could fence the part I use. It woud keep the dog safe too.

I was quoted nearly 900 euros, which is a lot for me.  A friend said 'What would happen if a boar got through and couldn't get out? Or the dog got out and was scared to come back? So, has anyone tried to deter boars with electric fencing?  If so,, did it work?

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