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Batiland delivery

Carron Khalifah

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Hello all

I have a second home in Dordogne and have lots of renovations to do with limited time in France. I’m trying to organise a delivery of timber, guttering, plasterboard and electrics before we come again just before Easter. I had costed everything on Mr Bricolage but since discovered they don’t deliver most items and have been told Batiland is best.

However I can’t work out their website at all. I can’t find any prices or even figure out how to order, and doesn’t seem able to search website by product.

Can anyone give any advice please?


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Browsing their site, it would appear that Batiland require your location/postcode to be entered first to determine the depot. Once they determine your depot they then require you to jump through all sorts of hoops as to your status, eg professional, private etc, your name, address, email and telephone number. For obvious reasons, I  didn't fill out this information and would imagine you will gain access to prices once you have followed these requirements.

I would  give Chausson a once over where they display their prices to all comers.  Good luck with all that.

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