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Arrco/Agirc Pension


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Hi - Need some help - please!!!

So hard to get info on this. I'm 63 this year.

I worked in Paris for 5 years and accumulated a decent number of Arrco/Agric pension points. I have emailed twice with my questions to zero response. My spoken French isn't good enough to call. If anyone could help, that would be great.

I've calculated my new points total combining the 2 old funds into one.

1) What age do you claim it? I've read 62, 65 and 67! If I postpone does it increase percentage-wise or is it back dated? I will not be claiming a French State Pension.

2) Is it index-linked or do you stick at the rate you convert your points for the lifetime of the pension?

3) Is it a pure points calculation, or do you need qualifying years.

4) As a UK citizen, what would be my tax implications?

Many thanks



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The points stay the same but their value is recalculated each year..

Mine was on the back of a French pension for which you must have a certain number of qualifying years, (but the UK NI contributions are taken into account in calculation that number of years  but NOT the  amount)

At the same time I had to have at least 10 years contributions in France.

I can't  say if either of those is the same if you don't  take a French basic pension..






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This might apply to you. It does to one of my other ones from Ircantec

Versement annuel

Certains retraités résidant en France ou à l’étranger perçoivent leur retraite Agirc-Arrco annuellement en raison de son faible montant. La retraite Agirc-Arrco est versée une fois par an quand son montant est supérieur à une somme équivalant à 100 points mais inférieur à une somme équivalant à 200 points.


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I worked in Paris in the '70's for 8 years or so and have a pension from ARRCO, AGIRC and CNAV.  CNAV is the French "State Pension" and you will have contributed to this as well.  I claimed mine when I was probably around your age and thought at the time I should have started the process when I was 60 because the official pension age then was 60.  Might be 62 now ?  I'm 80 so have had a few years of these pensions now.

I would create an account on the AGIRC-ARRCO website - Bienvenue sur le site de l'Agirc Arrco (agirc-arrco.fr) .  I think you can apply from there and there are loads of FAQ's. Do the same for CNAV - L'Assurance retraite – La retraite de la Sécurité sociale (lassuranceretraite.fr). Again you cam make your 'demande' from there.

CNAV will go on qualifying years and AGIRC/ARRCO are based on your points. You can see the point value here - https://www.insee.fr/fr/statistiques/serie/010593202 - doesn't seem to go up a lot !

As UK Resident the French will tax you at around 20% flat rate on the whole pension. You declare the pension to HMRC which is added to your total income and taxed, then claim the French tax paid as a credit.

Have been a member on the forum for some 10 years or more but it won't seem to let me re-set my pwd on my original login so created new account !

Hope this helps


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Thanks for your replies. I can't get a French State pension as the qualifying years are now minimum 10, and I only did 5. 

The Agirc/Arcco pension can be claimed at 62 if you have the qualifying years for a full state pension. If not then you wait until 65. Or 67 (nobody can tell me for sure). I filled out the form to create an Argirc/Arrco account, but because of a 'technical error' I have to call a pensions advisor. However I have just found this on the website :-

If you live in a country of the European Economic Area* or in
Switzerland: your pension application must be submitted to the
pension institution of the State of your residence. The file compiled is
sent to the French basic pension scheme, which sends a copy to
Agirc and Arrco. The "European Coordination" service of Agirc and
Arrco registers your request for supplementary pension. You will
receive by mail a file to complete and return. Upon receipt, this file is
sent to your Arrco fund and, if applicable, to your Agirc fund, for study
of your rights. 


So after all this, it looks like HMRC might be my first point of call..............


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When I applied for my ARRCO/AGIRC pensions the DWP had nothing to do with it despite the UK being in the EU at that time. In fact I was circa 62 years old (2003) at the time and had not reached the UK pensionable age.

I do vaguely remember reading something to the effect that one had to go through the UK authorities but I ignored that.  KLESIA was the company that administered my ARRCO/AGIRC fund and if I recollect correctly I dealt with them.

Do you a company administering your ARRCO/AGIRC contributions ?


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