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23 hours ago, alittlebitfrench said:

Is that the Loire or the Erdre ?

It is the discharge into the Loire (47.21753, -1.51631).  We walk past it most Mondays but it was particularly "spectacular" this week. 

The previous week, on the same walk, we came across this, just across from the Super U car park. Made me think of some of your posts.  Novel way to cook eggs!!


Tuesday there was a huge pall of black smoke in the same sort of area, Mid day, 5 cars had caught fire (cause unknown) in a semi under ground car park.  All centred around  Malakoff.  Regular source of "mortar" attacks/displays/drug events.  Thankfully, although we can see it all from our flat, there is a the river which separate us from the fun and games!!

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Oooh...that is where you are.

My father in law lives in Basse Goulaine.

Before that he lived in Sucé sur Erdre. I love that place. I would live there. 

Talking of discharge, do you remember when the oil tanker got into trouble off the from St Nazaire ?

We drove to Pornichet to witness the events on boxing day. 

That was a proper discharge. 

It was terrible to witness.

You would think that people would learn their lessons. 



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ALBF, small world.  No to the oil, before our time.  We got the dead whale at Granville instead.

Sucé sur Erdre is indeed very pleasant.  Had a picnic there in glorious sunshine after a 15km walk about 4 weeks ago.

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