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Visa application

John Hooper

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Can anyone help.Myself and wife are hoping to visit France for 6 months to search for properties.I do not work but my Wife is employed as a Business Training Assessor and is entirely Home Based.She can work anywhere subject to internet connection.She would have no contact with any French company and her work would be the same as it is in UK dealing with Apprentices in the Business world.

Is a visitor visa for 6 months be OK.

I have been attempting to obtain this information in UK without success.


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Forget visa's for a minute.

Your wife can't live and work in France doing what she does working for a UK based company.

She could not do that before Brexit unless she set herself up as a French company offering such services.

So yeah, you can't live in France for six months (or longer) earning a living from the UK on an internet connection.

Are you looking to move to France or just buy a second home ?









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If you plan on staying in France for more than 90 days, you will need to obtain a long-stay visa. As for remote work, it's best to check with authorities to confirm if a visitor visa is sufficient for your wife to work in France. Ensure you have sufficient financial means and health insurance coverage. Obtaining the correct visa before traveling is recommended.

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