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Carte Mobilite


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Mrs G has the above and needs to use a wheelchair to get about.  

She he has a ‘carte mobilite’ for here in France, but I was just wondering if anybody knows how things will work when we (hopefully) visit the UK in May?

Her ‘carte’ was presumably good pre-Brexit for us to park in ‘blue spaces’.   Now???

Its not a big, big deal ......... but obviously more than helpful.

Of course, being a French-registered car, you might think that nobody would bother, but these days the fines can catch up with you .




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This is still under negotiation, apparently, between the UK and France.

Who knows? The way the idiot French and UK politicians have handled all negotiations thus far, since the separation, it might not be agreed, reciprocally, until 2030! If then!

I know what I would do: print off a translation of your French badge and stick it in the windscreen when you park and leave your car.

Useful info here:




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