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French Id cards


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On 13/01/2022 at 19:22, NickP said:

Somebody, and it wasn't Doris on Fakebook, told us that the new soon to be issued French ID cards have to be in two languages French and English, is this correct, or is somebody just winding us up?

..... they are having you on ....

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On 13/01/2022 at 20:28, anotherbanana said:

There has already been an outcry by the Academie Francaise who think the cards should be in French alone. Given that Zemmour has been ranting about banning the use of English in the EU I wonder if printing the cards only in French might be a politically expedient move.. 

Seems he's a few straws short of a bale. Doesn't know that they speak English in Ireland.



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French ID cards are in French. Will that change...who cares ?

CDS are in French and English.


Most adverts on French telly thease days are in English. ?......with English music ?

Zemmour has more important things to worry about at the moment like....banning handicap children from 'normal' schools.

Yes, that is correct. he wants to do that. 

Vivre La France. 

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