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The Idiocy Now Explained?

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Traces of cocaine have been found after wipe tests in a majority of the rest rooms in the House of Commons!


With all the preferential priced bars, it used to be Drunk in Charge of the Country...

Now, it seems, Stoned in Charge of the Country is the new norm.

I wonder if it is the same in France, Germany and especially the Netherlands?


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The contamination could have come from banknotes.

"Forensic scientists have said that around 80% of all British banknotes contain traces of drugs. A 1999 study found even higher levels of contamination in the London area; of 500 notes tested, only four had no traces of cocaine.[16] Most of the banknotes showed only low levels of contamination, suggesting they had merely been in contact with contaminated notes, but 4% of the notes in the study showed higher levels, which the researchers suggested was the result of either being handled by people under the influence of cocaine (which is excreted in skin oils), or by being used directly to snort the drug.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contaminated_currency#:~:text=-dollar bills."-,In the United Kingdom,had no traces of cocaine.

And that was in 1999 - which was 22 years ago, it's probably ten times worse now!

Or possibly - The source of banknote contamination in London IS the House of Commons?😝😮

You chose!

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9 hours ago, Teapot1 said:

Still on the plus side Boris has proclaimed they will remove the passports of illegal class A drug users!

A quiet bizarre thing for Boris to try to do, why not go all the way and remove passports for all criminals? How long will the passport ban last, will your passport be stamped, junkie or crook? 

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