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Three days in small French town prior to two weeks in Paris


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Hello, I have read multiple threads on here and other sites. It is just leading to more confusion.?I will be traveling in June to Paris for two weeks. Myself, my husband, our daughter who will celebrate her 17th birthday while in Paris. We would like to spend three nights in a small town before heading to Paris, to give ourselves a little more of a soft landing from the US. We would be arriving on a Sunday morning and checking into our Paris apartment on Wednesday. We don’t have flights booked yet so the arrival airport is flexible. I will try to summarize what we’re looking for, hopefully someone can suggest something. Thank you for your time.
1.  Walkable small town, shops, cafes, markets-I know that a lot of things what might not be open on Monday and that is OK. We would like to not rent a car if possible but that is an option if needed.
2. Within four hours from Paris by train. 
3. Hotel is ok, small apartment preferred. We are spending a lot on a huge apartment in Paris so I would like to keep this budget low.  $400 or less per night 
4. A Farm stay with cooking classes would be great.  My daughter and I are both into cooking and my husband is into eating. 
5.  I am overwhelmed planning 2vweeks in Paris so something that is easy to plan to start the trip would be preferred.
6. Places we have considered are Honfleur, Reims, L’Isle sur la Sorgue, Versailles
I know they are all different and offer different things but they are all within four hours of Paris and seem to be pretty walkable, right?
7.  Some of the Paris activities I have already planned are attending a tennis match-we will be there during the French Open, a ballet at Versailles-we will have to plan another day to tour the palace because the ballet is at night, Moulin Rouge, the flea market… A day trip to the Champagne region unless we spend our first three days there, 
8. Most of our favorite trips have been wandering around a new city on foot discovering shops, restaurants, antique stores.  
9. My husband would love if there were a pub/bar with TVs to watch sports if he grows weary of following us in and out of local markets and shops 
10. Touring cathedrals, historical sites, museums will definitely be part of our itinerary but not something we care to do all day every day. 
Any suggestions of quaint towns/villages that you have been to and could recommend would be appreciated -thank you!!!

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You could investigate the city of Rouen, only 86 miles by direct train from Paris. It has plenty of history, architecture and cultural action. You probably would land at CDG, RER into Paris central and cross to Gare St Lazare. This would take about one hour followed by the leg to Rouen taking about 90 minutes.

I like the entertainment schedule you are considering for Paris. Hope you enjoy it. Make sure you have access to UK/US television channels for your husband!

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On 07/12/2021 at 02:11, Gluestick said:

With this itinerary, I would need a long holiday afterwards to recover!



Couldn't agree more. 😅I think SepAnx is waving from the long holiday and with all the activities the body used to do everyday for that vacation. 

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Catdog came and went last December. Their daughter’s  birthday has passed already and the trip may have been made or abandoned. There seems little point in making suggestions to someone who has said thank you and moved on.

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On 23/12/2022 at 17:22, anotherbanana said:

ALBF, where are you and yours passing the festive season, in extended family, in frozen rebuild, in Wiltshire, in Paris? Whichever, have a good one.

We will be at home in ‘real’ France for Xmas.

The extended French family will be here tomorrow. All nine of them. 

I have the flu. I’m feeling shÌt.

So xmas will just pass me by this year.




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