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4 hours ago, taylor said:

Since Brexit what is the law regarding wills, we have British wills is that sufficient if dying in France? 

No: you should create holographic wills (i.e. written by hand) in French and perhaps make them "Mirror Wills" (i.e. mirrors of your UK wills), remembering, however, that French inheritance law is markedly different in France.

All this said, Inheritance Law in France was revised and amended and changed a few yeas ago. And changed, significantly again in 2020; and applies as from November 2021.



(Useful reference as it is in English!)


Fortunately, our French wills were generated for me by a dear friend - sadly no longer with us - who was a top UK solicitor, specialising in wills and trusts, adored France, became the Secretary General to the Court of Mediation of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, lived just outside Versailles, spoke fluent French and when he and his spouse moved back, he qualified (at over 60!) and was appointed as an Avocat to the Boulogne Criminal Court.


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Yes, if your French is up to it and your circumstances and requirements are straightforward, write the French will yourself. Keep it as simple as possible.

I wrote mine a couple of years ago, emailed a copy of my draft to our local Notaire (Lurcy-Levis), she approved it immediately (no charge) and it was done.

Be careful to avoid revoking ALL previous wills if you have an earlier one in the UK or elsewhere which is to remain in force for non-French assets.

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