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Sob Sob....Euro at 1.5362...


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I bet TeamedUp is pleased.

I'm afraid it's to do with the UK going to war and the price of oil. I see its gone up a couple of points this morning. Best wait till after the New Year as there is not much trading till then and the rate might improve for us Brits already in France, much to TeamedUp's displeasure.

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It's not great at the moment, strangley enough the Euro
does seem to creep up as the day goes by though.

The Post Office in the UK are giving the best rates at
the moment.. if that's any help Tim.

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Until the trend of the 2003 UK interest rates is clearer the current Euro exchange rates could be in for a rough ride. On a positive note for potential improvement the general economic situation in Euroland is none too bright at present. Currently for buyers or sellers of the Euro you may have to make a decision based purely on affordability.

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