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As ever, confusion in French grammar between written and spoken forms…


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Don't start me on the topic of English grammar!

"I'm bored of the weather!".

"I aint got no XXX"

Personally I abhor the Americanisation of English: particularly usage of that awful word "Got"; when in the USA it is usually expressed as "Gotten".

For my sins, I still remember clause and phrase analysis and still use it when writing.

"I've got to go shopping." Think about what this actually means.

"I have got."

Do you; how quaint; and what is "Got"? Can you eat it? All that is needed is to say "I have to go shopping."

I have noticed the French language and its grammar, vary considerably, depending where in France one is. What has fascinated me, is to research the root languages in different areas.


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17 hours ago, NormanH said:

Errors such as those in the article reveal a lack of understanding of the structure of a phrase. They are not just a spelling mistake, but ssomon (I nearly wrote Solomon) is right. Versions of them are common in in English0

Solomon is OK ?

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2 hours ago, NormanH said:

To drag the thread back to French, there was a good example of the topic in our local paper not long ago.

"La Machine a vendagé" instead of "La Machine à vendager"


I believe the verb is vendanger ?

Edited by ssomon
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